what is kc local week? 

It’s a one part farmer’s market, with a dash of restaurant week, a pinch of Small Business Saturday all rolled into one week. It is one week where the the Kansas City metro area takes on the challenge of eating, drinking, and shopping as locally as possible.


how do i know where to go for kc local week?

Prior to the event, we'll post a schedule of events on our site as well as asking local media to list their picks for the week. Also, be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram feeds for plenty of suggestions!

If you find something we have missed, please let us know


Eating, drinking, shopping local sounds like a lot of work... Help!

We get it- it can seem overwhelming. But, start small- when you use up something, try to replace it with a local product. Veggies are an easy place to start, especially in the summer! And when you finish other things in the fridge, like your ketchup, consider purchasing a bottle of Boy’s Grow. You'll honestly be amazed at all the locally sourced produce and locally made products!

We also hope that our blog will help to guide you, but you can also check out other great resources like Finding Kansas City, The Pitch, This Is KC, and the Kansas City Star


how do I participate in the kc local week challenge?

To take part in the KC Local Week Challenge, all you need to do is eat, drink, and shop locally for one week in August. (This site serves in part as a guide and resource for those who accept the challenge.) The challenge is whatever you want it to be! Eat and drink locally while listening to local music during the week, try to keep retail purchases to local stores on the weekends. Try for once a day, twice a day, or all day and every day. It is up to you!

Spread the word and have fun with it. Be sure to document your participation in your favorite social media outlet by using the #kclocalweek #eatdrinkshoplocalkc hashtags.


can i suggest products or places for the event? 

Heck yes! We're always on the hunt for the latest and greatest, as well as the tried and true. If we aren't able to include your recommendation in the event, we'd be happy to investigate and write about it on our blog!

can i be involved year-round?

Although we don't currently have any sort of structured program or group, it's definitely possible! We hope that some of our posts full of local places to eat, drink, and shop will help you get as local as possible as often as possible.